A Liquid Venture Fund on The Blockchain

HACK VC is a liquid venture fund on the blockchain. HACK is the

Frequently Asked Questions About ICO Covesting

Covesting is a copy-trading platform built for investors and crypto currency traders. Covesting

Covesting – Copy-trading platform for the crypto marketplace

Crypto currency trading is no doubt one of the hottest topics in investment

INS Ecosystem – The Grocery Industry, Reinvented

The advantages of blockchain have already been recognized throughout the world, and it

4NEW – The world’s first eco-friendly, tangible Waste to

4NEW, the company operating Waste to Energy treatment plants today announced a series of groundbreaking developments. 4NEW has successfully secured $30.5 million USD from institutional investors collectively. This enables 4NEW

FAST INVEST – Future of Banking and Investments

Fast Invest is a investment platform where people can invest into consumer loans. It launched in 2015 and kept developing at a fast pace. This innovative FinTech company built its

Arcona : The Augmented Reality Ecosystem with a Great Blockchain Technology

Technology has changed many aspects of human life in a real time. Technology has changed one’s perspective and opinion so that it becomes a catalisator in a taken decision. Talking

Why Do You Choose Data Wallet for Data Exchange ?

A basic confidence is given by blockchain technology. It enables to create an opened – economical situation with data transparency. With embedding data encryption on a better data source network, data

ETHLend for Revolutionary Lending Market

The lending market has not changed over the years. This market still uses the old system. This system is very dependent on trust and it makes the system worse. You cannot trust

Seputar Pertanyaan Tentang Proyek CyberMiles

CyberMiles (“CM”) adalah teknologi blockchain yang dikembangkan oleh 5xlab, sebuah laboratorium pengembangan blockchain. 5xlab menjalin kerja sama erat dengan 5miles, sebuah operator terdepan dalam pasar c2c dengan lebih dari 12