3 Unpredictable Things about Hdac Transaction Innovation

Blockchain technology is much needed for any purposes and industrial business. It is able to keep personal and company data safely in one control operation. It is also useful for helping a great transaction innovation in industry and business. Hdac transaction innovation reliazes it. It is based on blockchain and IoT device making it full of suprises. There are some unpredictable things about Hdac.

Having Marvelous Features of Hdac Transaction Innovation

Hdac is based on blockchain technology. It accomodates all general features of a particular blockchain. The limit of blockade is revealed when it spreads broadly. Hdac emphasizes on the differences of the other platform based on blockchain technology. It has been modified and completed some functions to differentiate from the other platform in efficiency, safety, functionality, and speed. Because the data capacity has been a problem with its challenge, it has modified flexibly to use the block. In the remaining block and extra data capacity, it is rather limited. It enables you to use some applications using blockchain.

Bitcoin creates a block every 10 minutes and Ethereum is able to produce every 12 seconds. When you remember the time for uploading the network, it needs time for one to two minutes to check the result of transaction. Bitcoin requires 7 tps and Etherem spends 25 tps. The size of bitcoin is limited maximally 1MB and alternative method is suggested to expand the size of block through SegWit2x.

The Increase of Quantum Random Number Safety

Blockchained – based platform has been verified to have high level of safety. The private key, publick key, and wallet address in blockchain are produced by random number of pseudo. In the last cases, a number of quantum random number exposes the risk of safety due to the pattern. There are some efforts to compensate weakness and new method for using quantum random number because it has teoritical pattern and cannot be analyzed. Hdac transaction innovation proposes a new method to change a generator of random number with the quantum random number for personal blockchain.

Having a Roadmap of Hdac Technology

Blockchained network is a personal blockchain allowed after it has been autheticated and can operate in a blockchain network. Thus, it is set on a different position with public blockchain. The components of blockchain IoT network consist of some things. Blockchain node records and notes all transaction blocks in full time. It saves an information setting related to the control of user’s devices, bill, management, and devices of administrators.

Administrator is a responsible person registering the users, gateway, and devices on blockchain. It gives an access among them. The setting is kept safely in a full node blockade and sent to the users, gateway, and devices through network. Every user and device save a new setting related to this matter. It is able to integrate systematically with an operation of iOt environment. The users is a person or device with a running program simply not keeping block. Meanwhile, gateway is a unit to control a number of dummy device or sensor analyzing contract details of iOt. The device of Hdac transaction innovation is a device connecting to gateway simply. It is absed on individual address and analyze details and operation of IoT contract.

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