Arcona : The Augmented Reality Ecosystem with a Great Blockchain Technology

Technology has changed many aspects of human life in a real time. Technology has changed one’s perspective and opinion so that it becomes a catalisator in a taken decision. Talking about a technology and knowledge is always interesting. Arcona is an augmented reality ecosystem with a new technology. This uses a blockchain technology for both situations in a real world and even a virtual world.

Arcona Is Professional and Promising for Digital World

Augmented reality is actually a medical knowledge branch used to prove some levels of professionalism. Augmented reality is both a direct view and indirect view from somatic environment in a real world with its bigger elements and sensoric input. Those are extracted to be videos, graphic, sound data, and gps. To help a world better, augmented reality ecosystem moves forward to give more knowledge and technology with a centered institution. Arcona adapts this knowledge branch. It is an augmented reality ecosystem based on decentralized blockchain technology. It develops digital matter. It is able to unite physical world and virtual world to a single information circumstance perfectly related to a real world.

A platform of Arcona is thought from a box to combine a development of augmented reality industry technology. It is formed to be a physical world to give a clear technical view and scientific opinion to the other aspects of human knowledge. This technology is created to help everyone to meet scientists. It is expected to handle relative problems faced by human. This concept is designed for daily use added with multimedia. To simplify this technology, this concept presents with a great ability to change real areas quickly with smartphone, table, or headset.

Digital Land Is Realted to Arcona Platform

A digital land is an obvious concept of Arcona. It is closely related to this platform. Everyone is able to rent a land plot and starts their business with this augmented reality platform. This platform is very useful and beneficial for managing one’s business. To decentralize this embedded system, Arcona platform is built in blockchain technology. The functions are related to that matter.

In order to make members taking a part from huge benefits in this platform, this platform offers chances to public for participating. The participation can use token. Used token in this platform is a special token called Arcona token. This token has a standard function and able to take a deal with a smart contract adjusting to the direction. A holder of Arcona token is able to buy digital land and the other digital assets. The token will be offered for active members in this platform. It becomes an achievement and regard for the members with a clear mechanism. If you want to get token, you should subscribe the platform.

Arcona is designed for incorporating augmented reality in some areas of a real – world business type. This ecosystem is working well in some aspects such as real estate, media, gaming, tourism, advertising, education, and art industries. The working principle of this ecosystem is very simple delivering AR prohect to the users and developers. It enables to get free trade on services, software, content, digital land, and many more.

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