Bankex – The Right Solution for Gaining Profits in Financial Markets

Token symbol BKX
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1 ETH = 500 BKX
Tokens suplay 400.000.000
Accepting BTC, ETH, WAVES, TIME, Lightcoin
Hard cap 420 000 ETH
Reserved 280 000 ETH
Escrow The ICO will be operated via a smart contract. The code of the contract is available on Github

Do you want to gain profits from the market? If you really want to collect it, it is right to apply Bankex. What is it? How does it work? It is often claimed to be the best medium and solution for those who want to gain profits in financial markets. It offers a useful product of Bankex. It is called Proof of Asset Protocol.

Building a Potential Community in Financial Markets

The development of crypto gets increasing. There are many more fintech companies getting interest in tokenization. Bankex is kind of tokenization platform to use. It is an organization unitying financial market’s members to establish a community to apply proof – of – asset protocl. This is aimed at gaining mutual profits among the members. It is also called to be financial cryptocurrency platform specifying in token sales and financial asset. The platform is a shape of bank exchange enabling the buyers, bank, and the other financial institutions to change their products.

Great Product for Solving Non – Fungible Asset Liquidity

Bankex has a great product. It is called Proof – of – asset protocol. This is an amazing product for solving an issue of non – fungible asset liquidity in the financial market. This product is meant to be a token releasing a part of protocol to be a promising asset. It is an essential combination of Bank as a service and blockchain technology to keep client’s asset properly. It is categorized to be four phases such as digitalization, tokenization, asset trading, and transaction.

One of the unique features is able to tokenize asset. Asset tokenization has several benefits to the members. For example, an asset tokenization in construction enables the investors to contribute individually in the construction project and then receive the investment result. In addition, this platform will be able to give a consideration of exchange and give an access to crypto. You shouldn’t wait for the portfolio of asset and turning the asset into money cash from the bank. It’s an amazing product to choose for solving your liquidity and asset.

During Bankex’s ICO, it is allowing investors to buy some types of Bankex tokens only. It includes bonus. The bonus starts when investors purchased five hundreds of tokens on a value of ICO. It is same as one Eter. The proof can be be bought using Eter and not Dollar or Euro. It has very simple procedures and mechanism in playing Bankex’s product.

Overcoming Liquidity Problem

What about liquidity problem? Can it overcome? Surely, Bankex is able to solve this problem. Liquidity problem becomes a main factor hampering a development of economy. For example, a business may have sufficient asset but it is unable to access public securitization market, surely it lets assets in a bad situation. This liquidity problem is able to finish with securitization solution. But, it is only limited to huge finance institution. Bankex realizes it and offers its amazing product of proof of asset protocol. It gives the briliant solution for this problem and proposes the best choice for customers in giving options of liquidity to market.

Username Maiyah
Link Maiyah link
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