Beluga Pay – The First Complete Mobile Point of Sale System

Blockchain technology and crytocurrencies an opportunity to change that. Against a backdrop of rising mobile device adoption (global smartphone user base to increase by ~1.6 billion in the next 3 years), the barrier for people to potentially transact securely, transparently and conveniently has never been lower.

BELUGA aims to leverage these new technologies to develop an open source asset transferring platform. By thus providing the tools for small businesses and their customers in developing countries to go digital, it is BELUGA’s mission to help the unbanked billions become part of a newer, better, and fairer global nancial system. BELUGA will be fully compliant in every jurisdiction it operates in, with strict Know Your Customer (KYC) and AntiMoney Laundering (AML) processes.

  • Beluga Point of Sale
    A robust mobile app to accept debit, credit and crypto for small businesses. Manage customers and grow with actionable analytics.
  • BELUGA Restaurant Edition
    A tablet app to manage servers, tables, orders and food menu. Streamlined to even print out incoming orders for the kitchen.
  • Beluga Peer 2 Peer
    An easy to use mobile app to initiate peer 2 peer transfers with friends. Send via credit, debit or crypto and deposit the next day to your bank account.
  • Beluga Payment Data
    Merchants can purchase data with BBI tokens to see anonymized spending patterns from their ideal look-alike customers.

How It Works

  • Consumer buys a product or consumes a service from a merchant using one of our products. For example a customer orders food in a restaurant using BELUGA’s Restaurant Edition Application.
  • Consumer makes payment for the product or service using Fiat Currency (ex. $USD) or Crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ether or BBI)
  • If the payment is made using a credit card in Fiat Currency, the merchant can decide to use BBI tokens in order to receive an Instant Merchant Deposit* instead of having to wait the traditional two working days for the settlement to occur.
  • If the payment is made using cryptocurrency, the settlement process is initiated and the payment to the merchant in the form of the respective cryptocurrency is transferred instantly.
  • Loyalty points are accumulated for consumers on every purchase of a product and service. Loyalty points for merchants are accumulated on every sale of a product and service.
  • Loyalty points can be redeemed when the consumer or merchant collect enough points.
  • Loyalty points are redeemed in the form Fiat currencies or BELUGA’s BBI crypto currency or other cryptocurrency.
  • The ratio of points with currencies is calculated using built-in congurators and Oracles based on the market dynamics.

BELUGA Bank Ecosystem

As opposed to other cryptobank competitors, BELUGA’s FIAT and Credit card products are live and have been in market for several years with proper banking support. In addition to having live veriable products and licenses, BELUGA’s acquiringbank is a financial institution with over $70B in assets. BELUGA has a partnership with Mexico’s largest domestically owned bank and publicly traded with over 20,000 employees and 1,200 branch locations.

Beluga’s subsidiary Espiral Technologies de Mexico S.A. De C.V. has been working with Banorte since 2015 providing Point of Sale products to merchants.

Beluga intends to replicate this model of gaining local banks’ support when entering developing countries to provide network eciency. Through the BBI tokensale, BELUGA intends to embed crypto payments and distribute its products globally.

BBI Token Utility

  • Membership
    BBI can purchase Beluga Pro membership with advanced analytics and CRM tools.
  • Factoring
    BBI is used to increase merchant deposit speeds, from three businesses days, down to one.
  • Loyalty rewards
    BBI used for rewards (similar to Air Miles).

BBI Gas for Merchant Deposit Advances

BBI GAS is introduced in the BELUGA ecosystem to provide merchants an attractive and very much needed option to speed up the nancial settlement process after a successful sale is made with credit cards. Normally when a consumer buys a product or service from a merchant on a Saturday or Friday evening using a credit or debit card, the merchant will receive.

the payment for the product or service after two business this lack of access to funds can cripple business growth. Now, with BELUGA merchants can receive instant merchant deposits in order to buy more goods, pay their employees in order to grow their business without delay.


BBI Tokensale Details

Is held by Canadian company Beluga Inc. The IP will be transferred to a not-for-profit Beluga Foundation with a mission to advance tools and services for the unbanked merchants.

Beluga Foundation will incorporate as a not-for-profit in Switzerland or Cayman Islands which are known for IP protection, privacy laws and favorable cryptocurrency frameworks


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