Why Do You Choose Data Wallet for Data Exchange ?

A basic confidence is given by blockchain technology. It enables to create an opened – economical situation with data transparency. With embedding data encryption on a better data source network, data walletand third party can access any data without the users’ knowledge. An encrypted smart data contract enables a process of data description after the access is given. Datawallet will be built in Ethereal blocade. Let’s see the reasons of choosing data wallet for data exchange.

Running Tokensale

Data wallet will run and carry out a tokensale. This is a process finding and gathering a number of token. It is maximally about $30 million. There are more than 33% of all tokens getting sold. Meanwhile, a company will stay 33% and the rest consists of developer and an user’s growth pool. With this way, datawallet will ensure a service adoption broadly. The exact date of tokensale is not published yet. The members can contribute with bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and eter. The huge part of funding is about 65% directing to the actual product development of data wallet. A number of small parts go to the marketing and the other funding costs. A marketing cost is relatively low and can be explained by seeing the founder, investors, and adviser.

Protecting Data Exchange Safely

Datawallet ideas are amazing and marvelous. Huge and big companies are only taking the data and monetizing it back. It doesn’t ask the cost and fee of this data sharing process. By using this datawallet, you don’t get benefits and profits of this data sharing. Anyone can select it and able to access it. All companies need to have data protection staffs and remove all data if the users want it. Datawallet gives a perfect solution for submitting data to the users. It doesn’t make you keep working hard to get a number of private data. Datawallet is able to sell data manually but it lets you keep plugin for automatica.

Datawallet is aimed at being a strong data exchange in the world. The platform is able to plan for achieving the purpose in the overall review. Datawallet is found online to protect data exchange. It is aimed placing the responsible users to the data. With datawallet, the users are able to monetize data by selling access to a particular organization. The developers can access data ecosystem hugely to build an advanced application and enjoy unique insight about customers’ activities. The final purpose of datawallet is to create a market blockchained based where the users are able to sell data to the trusted company. The companies can use the data to make an application for data exchange protection.

Protecting Data Sharing in the Market

Datawallet is aimed at creating a better market for users and customers’ data. It includes the people creating data and those requiring data. Datawallet is founded with beliefs that data must be owned and controlled by the people creating it. It is a decentralized data exchange enabling internet users for sharing data to their chosen companies. The exchange give a full control of users on their data, full transparency and ways on using it. It is importantly giving an ability to create benefits with selling the data. Data wallet is able to protect data sharing in the market.


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