Copytrack – The Future of Global Copyright Registration

Since 2015, COPYTRACK has provided rights-holders with an overview of the usa-ge of their online creative works and com-bated illicit usage of their intellectual pro-perty. COPYTRACK has now emerged as the market leader and offers an effortless way for rights-holders to monetize their work.

Digital content management faces two types of challenges — those faced by users, and those faced by rights-holders. Users often misunderstand the usage of digital images online and the corresponding licen-sing options. In addition, they also lack ac-cess to licensing platforms and the ability to acquire usage rights in a timely manner.

CopyTrack’s solution is the creation of a distributed database and ledger whose core purpose is to store a decentralized copyright registry for digital content which authenticates users and links digital intel-lectual property. This registry will generate a unique ecosystem for rightsholders and open new, efficient markets. This paper de-scribes the functionality of the blockchain, including smart contract use cases.

User And Rights-Holder Challenges

Users are often unaware that any photography posted online without explicit licensing information, such as Creative Commons, comes with all rights reserved by the creator. Even if the user is aware, there are high search and transaction costs: rights-holders are difficult to identify and contact, and it is a time-consuming endeavor to negotiate and acquire appropriate licensing rights.

Rights-holders are usually unaware of the copies of their content used worldwide, and therefore are unable to act on violations. Artists are not keen on tracking their work and validating licenses. Rather, they are looking for a service that can facilitate this for them. Stock photography sites provide some of these services; however, they leave artists with an unfair share and keep up to 70% of revenue for themselves.

Global Nature of Digital Assets

The challenges outlined previously are glo-bal in nature and are common to all areas of digital content. The marketplace is highly fragmented: almost all current methods for infringement resolution are based on nati-onal legal frameworks and tools. These fra-meworks typically present insurmountable barriers for individuals to overcome unless they enlist professional help.

Lastly, these facts and figures only refer to the digital image market and the illegal use of images online, yet there are nume-rous categories of digital content where the same patterns apply: video content, music, and text, as well as notary and legal docu-ments.

Free & Open Copyright Register

Our new platform consists of 5 layers and begins with creating an account, followed by the upload of images, proof of authorship and ends with the artist exercising full copyright control. After creating an account, an artist will upload an image.

We will then perform an audit on the authenticity of the authorship and if successful provide a blockchain- based certificate to prove ownership. From here on out, the artist maintains complete copyright control.

Licensing + Payments — CPY-Token

CPY will be the native token on our blockchain platform. It will be used for payment in our flexible and modular licensing systems. This enables automated payments to rights-holders based on licenses they design themselves in our friendly and easy-to-use interface.

The blockchain and underlying smart contract interface can be extended to incorporate a wide range of additional functionality such as programmatic contracts, variable pricing, and payment routing.

How can I buy CPY Tokens?

In order to purchase CPY-Tokens, you first need to register your ETH wallet with us, so we can whitelist it for the sale. Please go to, click on the “BUY TOKENS” button and enter your ETH wallet address.

Please be aware, that you can only purchase tokens with ETH and a valid Ethereum wallet, like myetherwallet, MetaMask or Mist. Exchange accounts, such as Coinbase, Binance, Bittrex & Kraken, are not accepted by our smart contract. Contributions send from an exchange account will fail.

Once your ETH wallet has been whitelisted by our team, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with further instructions.



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