Covesting – Copy-trading platform for the crypto marketplace

Crypto currency trading is no doubt one of the hottest topics in investment industry today. According to Juniper research, total crypto currency transaction value may surpass $1 trillion between now and 2022. Volatility is extremely high — so are the potential rewards. However, the learning curve for investing in crypto assets is extremely steep and only experienced digital asset managers can fully benefit from arising opportunities offered by the booming markets.

So how little-informed and inexperienced investors can take advantage of rapidly growing market? Investing in digital assets requires experience and may become very difficult and time-consuming journey, especially for someone who has a full-time job not related to technology or online trading industry. On the other side — trusting money to professional traders or sending funds to third-party management accounts is not always the best solution, especially when newly-born markets are little regulated with almost no protection offered for investors.

Problems that digital asset managers have to deal with are equally challenging. Launching a personal crypto currency fund requires technical knowledge, programming skills, legal paperwork as well as marketing costs and other expenses. Instead of focusing on trading — they have to spend tremendous amount of time looking for investors and promoting their trading performance in order to raise capital.

Covesting is the ultimate solution for both investors and traders

Original copy-trading platforms inspired us to bring such model of digital asset management services to crypto currency markets. Covesting platform allows everyday investors to search and compare the performance of hundreds of proven digital asset managers and mirror their trades automatically. While asset managers benefit from success fees generated by profitable trading — Investors enjoy peace of mind knowing that their funds being managed by industry professionals. Covesting creates a perfect synergy between investors and professional traders.

With Covesting, every trader can literally build a career of successful asset manager and get instant access to combined assets of all Covesting community. Cutting-edge technological solutions allow every trader to connect his/her existing account at crypto exchange to Covesting platform. Performance tracking starts from the day one. There is no need to worry about how and where to get new investors anymore, just trade as you did before, and let performance numbers speak for themselves.

Like any other social network, Covesting offers its members a newsfeed, which enables them to receive updates from other traders. Each trader can post relevant information, explain an investment decision, or share any other kind of knowledge with the Covesting community. By following successful traders, our members can become more knowledgeable and make better investment

Our dedicated development team is working hard to deliver limited functionality version of Covesting platform as early as November 20th, right before scheduled ICO on November 24th. This would allow all contributors to get familiar with interface and core features of the platform and see how cool it is. We can’t wait to show it to everyone.

Crypto Intelligence Portal

The Crypto Intelligence Portal will operate similarly, and plans to launch with the MVP version of the platform. Covesting announced that Crypto Intelligence portal would include over thirty videos, insight from professional cryptocurrency traders, articles and instructions on trading cryptocurrencies, a FAQ, as well as specific information tailored to how to use their platform. The announcement comes at a much-needed time when a lot of new money and new investors are trying to enter the market on the back of the recent success of Bitcoin.

“The Crypto Intelligence Portal is all going to be original content. One of the things we pride ourselves on, is the Covesting community were actively building. Offering unique videos, professionally developed, is a big deal. We are trying to bring education and advice to investors and traders alike. It will be perfectly suitable for both professional traders and novice investors,” explained Covesting’s COO Tim Voronin.

Such developments come at a perfect time for Covesting, who just recently launched their Pre-ICO, receiving over 1,100 different investors and raising over 2,000 ETH in the first half of their Presale. Covesting provides unique opportunity to participate in Pre-ICO and benefit from platform growth by purchasing COV tokens at significant discount.


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