CyberTrust – A Future Digital Currency Solution

Token symbol CABS
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1 CABS = 0.6 ETH
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 600,000 CABS
Raised $11,000,000
Country Luxembourg

Technology has growth very rapidly today. It’s not only growing, but also evolving. Its evolution effect affects many aspects in our life. One of them is financial aspect. In the past, we made transaction using paper bills or coins. Then, there are more and other form of money, like obligation, stock and many others. In this digital era, money has also become digitalized. The most popular digital money that we can find today is Bitcoin. Unfortunately, today’s financial institutions aren’t ready with these changes. Therefore, bank, family office and other organization that is related to financial has no ability to provide media or service for cryptocurrencies transaction. They are still using the old transaction method, which is also still used today. But, for you who want to trade with cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, it will be little difficult to do. So, what is the solution? You can join the CyberTrust project.

What is CyberTrust?

CyberTrust is a solution that will remove all limitation that you can find on today cryptocurrency transaction. The limit that you can find on today’s cryptocurrency itself is it doesn’t have clear ownership. Therefore, when you use your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, it will give you higher risk to lose it. Without the clear ownership, everyone can claim it; therefore this is also the reason why many financial institutions don’t want to provide service for it. CyberTrust provide solution for this problem.

Global Crypto Notes (GCN)

The solution that CyberTrust created is called Global Crypto Notes (GCN). With this technology, you will be registered and you will get International Securities Identification Number (ISIN). This is what will become the identity of your cryptocurrency. With just this service, you can get lot of benefits, such as your GCN can be audited. It also can be used as collateral for your need, with the current financial framework. We can say with just this feature, you get more benefits than you ever imagined. More than that, it also gives you more freedom to trade with cryptocurrency.

The Benefits of GCN

The GCN feature also gives you benefit in exchange the cryptocurrency. With old method, you will trade or exchange cryptocurrency through crypto exchange. This method has higher risk, especially the clearing risk. However, the GCN use different method for exchange and trading. GCN use Clearstream Banking S.A. This method makes you easier to trade and send your cryptocurrency in any bank in the world. So, basically, your trading and exchange range has become wider with this method. You can trade with anyone from all over the place in the world.

The other best thing about CyberTrust service is off-chain type transaction with its GCN feature. If you don’t use this service, your Blockchain transaction won’t be able to revoke. Once you made transaction, it’s final. However, CyberTrust transaction is protection by law and you can take legal movement to reclaim it, if something wrong or there is problem in your transaction. The GCN is governed by Luxemburg sovereign. Compared to other or normal method, which doesn’t governed by any country, it feels too limited and you get no freedom in transaction. However, this is actually the opposite. By having government backing up your transaction, your transaction will be much safer and lower its risk.

The freedom offered by normal method to transaction also has risk for currency theft. The thieve can stole your identity using similar method like when did it on other type transaction, like credit card and other. So, by accessing your gadget, they can take your cryptocurrency and you will experience big loss here. However, CyberTrust is different. It’s much safer. CyberTrust use Cold Vault storage and this company are well-known with its top class security system. Therefore, your money is in good hand, and you can trade without worry.

How to Join CyberTrust Project

The process to join the CyberTrust service is actually easy. First, you need to open account with CyberTrust. Here, you need to fulfill the KYC and AML requirements from CyberTrust. At this step, you also can configure your transaction setting and other stuff. After you finished the first step, you just need to deposit the cryptocurrency that you will use for transaction and exchange. You can choose any asset where you want to deposit this digital currency. The good thing about CyberTrust is you also can use it for place to save your cryptocurrency. This is useful, for you who don’t want to trade with cryptocurrency and search for safer place where you can keep it. And, the last step is joining the securitization from CyberTrust. With this last step, your cryptocurrency will be safer and ready to use.

When you join this project, you also can get tokens that you can use for many things. The token will be given on ITO phase. The token itself can be used for many purposes, such as converting BTC into BTC Global Crypto Note and convert ETH into Global Crypto Note.

CyberTrust Safety Features

CyberTrust also use best technology for protecting your cryptocurrency. First, they use In-Memory Data Grids (IMDG). With this technology, it will be easier to scale and improve its performance. It also use isolated network to protect your privacy and important data from access from outside. It has neural network and machine that can learn many sign, which can prevent fraud or breach that can harm your fund. This technology also allows you to easily connect it with currently financial market infrastructure. It will help you to trade easier.

Overall, CyberTrust project is the best solution that you can get in the near future. It provides service and technology that is almost perfect for covering all aspect in cryptocurrency transaction and trading. The safety is also top notch, which make anyone can use their cryptocurrency without problem. Therefore, it’s good idea, if you join this project and get best service that you can get. Of course, you also has chance to get extra token during its first ITO event. We can say this will become one of the best service related to cryptocurrency in the future. Maybe, it will become the pioneer of the big changes in financial world.

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