GoByte Offers ASIC Resistant Cryptocurrency with Innovative GPU Mining Capability

Symbol GBX
Algorithm NeoScrypt
Block time 150 seconds
Estimate Supply 31.8 Milllion
Masternode 50% Block Reward
Required 1000 GBX for Masternode
Block Reward 15 GBX decreasing by 12% every year
Superior Difficulty Retargeting Using Dark Gravity Wave
Superior Transaction Anonymity Using PrivateSend
Difficulty retargets using Dark Gravity Wave
Premine 2.7%

GoByte is a new cryptocurrency that offers innovative and easy mining methods. It strives to provide an advanced yet user friendly platform which can be easily accessed by everyone, even those who are not really familiar with cryptocurrency mining.

GBX is developed by the most secured cryptography technology and also issued through decentralized mining market. It results in a secure digital currency that is able to guarantee the utmost privacy, security and anonymity for its users.

The best thing about GoByte is the fact that it is an ASIC resistant coin. Several years ago many experts thought that such thing is impossible But GoByte has managed to break the boundaries by creating an ASIC resistant cryptocurrency that can ensure better profit and fairer distribution during mining process. Besides its ASIC resistance, here are some other benefits that this new cryptocurrency will offer to its users.

GoByte Allows Mining with GPU

One great feature that sets this coin apart with other cryptocoins is the fact that it uses NeoScrypt hashing algorithm which offers GPU mining capability. It is not a secret that mining with graphics card unit is more flexible, and with some skills and experience, it also can be more profitable.

The best advantage about mining with GPU is the miners are allowed to mine more than one coin. So, if you are currently investing in other coins but you are tempted with the benefits GoByte offers, you don’t have to ditch your old coins. Mining with graphics card means you can put your attention in more than one coins and gain profits from all the coins you are investing in. Furthermore, since GBX coin is ASIC resistant, it levels the playing field and no users will enjoy an unfair advantage during the mining process.

Based on Dash

The fact that this innovative cryptocurrency is based on Dash is just another reason to invest in this innovative coin. Dash is known as an open source platform that is specially designed to be user friendly, which works in line with the spirit that GoByte wants to show.

This coin also features one of Dash’s best masterpieces that is the Masternode technology. Basically, the working principle of Masternode is pretty much the same with Bitcoin’s node. However, there are some additional features that make Masternode superior.

Firstly, it is capable to make completely anonymous transaction via the wallet thanks to the Darksend feature. Furthermore, it also guarantees near real time transaction process. It takes advantage of InstantSend feature which enables every single transaction to be processed and validated in the fastest way possible. Because of this, it is safe to say that this cryptocurrency is ready to be the most time efficient coin in the market.

In addition, this cryptocurrency can make a great investment because the Masternode itself has a mechanism to bring profit to the owners. The owner of each Masternode will receive financial compensation as a token of appreciation for operating the nodes. GoByte is committed to be an advanced cryptocurrency that can guarantee stable return of investment in a secure and profitable mining environment.