The Role of Flixxo in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Technology

Like is one of important thing when you share something in your social media account. The more likes you get, it seems that you get attention from friends or fans. How about you like change into like coins? It is not only for social economic but also to improve the quality of what people shared. This is the reason why Flixxo is coming and introducing token Flixx to the internet users.

The Short Overview of Flixxo

Flixxo is developed to welcome bitcoin technology. This program is focus on video distribution. The main function is to give more revenue or demand in online video distribution industry. The most important thing is that this program wants to reduce illegal or unlicensed networks. Later, video creators and distributors are able to share their content as well as set the detail including the price and the incentive for the viewers who share that video.

How the System Works

This system works by using blockchain which support bitcoin technology. It is the latest sophisticated technology which triggers the use of crypto currencies. The best part, it makes internet users whether video distributors and viewers can easily make online transaction. This system is also used a system known as Bit Torrent. It is a sophisticated system which commonly used to distribute or transfer large size of data such as video. The benefit of using Bit Torrent is that it reduces the negative impacts to the server or network while distributing or transferring large data. In short, Flixxo has a specific tool which can connect between the viewers who want to pay videos and the content creators or distributors.

The Idea of Token Flixx

To support this new internet era, Flixxo is ready with token flixx and smart contracts. By using this token, content creators or distributors have to create high quality and legal contents. Then, the viewers or the users may share their favorite contents. Interestingly, they will get incentive because of doing it. This token is believed as the revolutionary way to block piracy and spam content. In this case, Flixxo is trying combine between Bit Torrent and smart contracts to spread more legal contents and more decentralized content contribution networks. The idea is to make both sides get benefits from online sharing activity. Content creators can monetize their content and give incentive to the viewers which specific terms and conditions. There are four different ways to get Flixx. First, they have to create interesting and high quality contents. Second, they can also buy it. Third, if it is not, you can get it from your best friends as special virtual gift. Fourth, you may also get Flixx by sharing your favorite contents or seeing sponsored contents for a few seconds.

In conclusion, all parties earn benefits from this system. Just like the tagline of Flixxo “community based video distribution”. The advertisers get more customers to use their products. Then, Flixxo users get incentive in the form of Flixx from the advertisers for what they have done and then they can buy anything by using Flixx they earned. This is the way for Flixxo to build the organic market and a healthy flow of Flixx. The final goal is to make more and more internet users to use token Flixx as their crypto currencies.

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