Sapien: A Beneficial Networking Token Platform for Anyone

As a developing social networking platform, there are many users involved such as content provider, curator, freelancers, developers, and media companies. All of them will get paid in the form of SPN token.

Who are Involved in the Network

Sapien grant them with SPN token to compensate their quality contribution. The token can increase their reputation in the platform. For curators, SPN prepares voting rewards to appreciate their efforts in sharing quality content in their branch. Meanwhile, developers benefit from the platform in a way that they can develop integration, ads, and features from third-parties to Sapien. Media companies who cooperate with Sapien can also take advantages by developing continuous business model. Which ones are you? If you are interested to join the network, keep reading for further details.

How users Get Benefits from Sapien

If you are a productive content maker, you can develop your talent while making some money. Joining Sapien is an effective and fun way to do that. Sometimes there are some problems happened when content creators are trying to make profit from Internet. It is sometime difficult for them to produce content from community that can appreciate and give some reward from the content they make. By joining Sapien platform, content creators can keep posting videos, articles, and podcast and receive feedbacks from other users. Sapien appreciate this effort and reward them with token SPN. Content creators can use the token for providing premium contents. As a result they can get their contents subscribed and get payment. So, do not give up to keep writing and posting.

The contents in networking platforms need to be curated by curators. They curate content by giving upvote for good contents and downvote for bad or irrelevant ones. Unfortunately what they do often does not get any reward. By curating contents in Sapien, curators can use their SPN for giving upvote quality contribution. What about freelancers? When freelancers join this platform, they can advertise their services without any transaction expenses. Other freelancing sites may charge the users up to 20%. The payment is efficiently handled with SPN token. Sapien also helps freelancers to increase their reputation as vendors. In addition, the global reputation system that Sapien enable other sites integrated by SPN to see the freelancers star reputation.

Developer is another party that benefit from this platform. Sapien enables developers to sell their creation and ideas in open market where all transactions use SPN token. So if you are an experienced developer who believe in the prospect of blockchain technology and look for continuing source of income, Sapien is a worth-joining platform.

The same thing happens to media companies. Facing tight competition with giant media companies like Viacom and Time Warner becomes the main problem faced by a lot of smaller media companies. The solution is reach more users. This can be done through Sapien as there might be a lot of target users for publication. Here users pay using SPN to subscribe their publication in Sapien.

Sapien Business Model

The main focus after the selling of SPN token is to precisely and steadily implement SPN utility. At the same time, the longevity of SPN token is determined by the success of the platform. Therefore, a continuous business model needs to be made. The goal of the business model is to balance the value of SPN token holder, platform users and company stakeholders. Seller and buyer can purchase and buy both virtual and real goods as well as high-end services and content using SPN token. Their reputation value is integrated in the market, making users possible to be sure that they work with reliable vendors. The fee for the transaction is only 1%.

Advertising is also an integral part in this business. In this platform, protecting users’ privacy is very important. Users can decide whether they want to share their information to advertisers or not. If they want to do so, they can ask the platform to collect and decide the SPN token value to their data. Then, they can share information to advertisers with SPN token as a reward. Meanwhile, advertisers will get big discount to buy ads using SPN token. Most of the income earned from ads purchase is given to the users that have activated the ads. Users get at least 50% from the ads purchase. To ensure transparency, all ads transactions can be viewed in


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