Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services (TBIS)

Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services or TBIS is a rather new company for blockchains in the world. Although it is only started in 2017, their currency, BAR, have already been sold millions of units and we can see them growing larger as the time goes on. In this modern era, cryptocurrency and blockchains are other forms of business that utilize online transactions with enhanced security. With high needs of blockchains and cryptocurrency, TBIS aims to achieve internet’s original goal which is decentralized and secure data processing. Here are things you should know about the company.

What is TBIS

Decentralize global information processing is the important key that emerges from the rise of internet era and it is one of the founding principles behind the creation of blockchains and cryptocurrency. With world connected towards each other, it is possible to transfer data from one place to other far places through nodes within a worldwide scale network.

When it first came, internet and people did really well to keep the data exchange decentralized. But as time goes on, there are people who create data centers and server farms and making them as the Internet powerhouses.

These institutions are not the true meaning of net neutrality and they neglect the principle of information processing decentralization. If things keep going this way, the original goal envisioned by the pioneers of the internet will be gone.

With the emergence of blockchains, technology has changed the entire concept of how the internet works. Blockchains is a system that utilizes data decentralization method that creates the possibility to other great things to come. Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services (TBIS) is supporting this system to create the revolution in internet infrastructure industry.

With the creation of blockchains, TBIS’ goal is to make network infrastructures process decentralized and allow people or companies to use network module accessible through their gadget. With this system, there will be fewer network downtimes because the framework created by TBIS is instantaneously shifting network load from the faulty component and divert it to other networks.

Judged by its design, blockchains are immutable and immune to manipulation, theoretically. Ethereum network is used by TBIS to run the blockchains. With this method, TBIS will give you more secure data storing against malicious threat and attacks. The components of TBIS network are all embedded in Ethereum network, so it is impossible to overthrow the system with simple hacking with DDOS or other address-specific attacks.

What TBIS offers

With stable and secure data transfer and storage system, TBIS gives you holistic network infrastructure management solution by designing operating framework that can cover all aspects of your business. The service offered by TBIS’ blockchains are specific towards a certain area of business and all of them are integrated into the main enterprise solution.

By using this method, TBIS can cover all types of data from different areas. there are several services offered by TBIS including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); Platform as a Service (PaaS); Desktop as a Service (DaaS); Company as a Service (CaaS); CryptoEscrow; Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC); DEXchange; and Instant ICO Incubator (III).

The man behind TBIS

As the founder and CEO of TBIS, Michael Stollaire doesn’t work alone. In this project, there are a group of experienced business and technical experts that have a great understanding of blockchain technology, business management, and internet network infrastructure management.

The members of this project have capabilities in understand blockchain technology because of their previous experience in Ethereumm, NEM, and Smart Contracts. Aside from that, there are also additional members that have great experience Enterprise Management, Business Marketing, Network Administration, and System Engineering.

Other great names that support Michael Sollaire on his project are Richard Silver and Christopher Snook that served as COO and CTO respectively. Ethereum experts are James Conolly, Jesse Ure, and Stuart Siegler. For Enterprise Management business, there are Richard Whitaker and Nilo Ampunan. All of them are working together to create a revolution in internet infrastructure with their combined 200 years of working experience in the related fields.


The tangible and economically viable product is the vital key to the success of any ICO. The concept created by TBIS works wonder in this regard. Having a cooperation with EHI, a well-known technology company started in 1999, TBIS has access to great numbers of big clients. With a lot of big clients available, TBIS assure their investors to generate good amounts of profit. Investors shouldn’t be worried since TBIS never use the pump and dump ICOs that offer nothing right after the campaign.

Token Details

BAR is the famous cryptocurrency made by TBIS. As the native token of Titanium Blockchains, it is used to carry out all types of transactions around the ecosystem of TBIS. The token is categorized as an ERC20 compliant token. The cap limit of the BAR token is currently 35 million. With the success they achieve now, it is possible that they will produce more BAR in the future.

According to the plan, TBIS ICO is launched in the 1st of January 2018. Some of the investors may have participated the pre-ICO. The percentage of the token available for investors is 60 percent (21 million BARs), 20 percent or 7 million BARs goes to TBIS salary, 10 percent (3.5 million BARs) goes for the campaign and the rest is used as a reserve.

Final Words

The concept made by TBIS looks quite promising for a lot of investors. Aside from their professional team that has a lot of experience in the business, the TBIS itself is backed by a great partnership with one of the biggest technology company, the EHI.

TBIS offers the investors with reputable partners, knowledgeable development team, and tangible product and service. With proper marketing and campaign, TBIS ICO aims to achieve their hard cap target in order to create service available for a lot of people on the internet and they don’t have to worry since the ICO is safer and secure.

With BAR as their main weapon for blockchains system, Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services aims to create greater and better network infrastructure landscape for the future.



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